Driving Growth Through Innovation

The Italian Innovation Center at INNOVIT offers curated programs tailored to companies at different growth stages and innovation needs with a specific focus on acceleration programs for Startups, Scaleups and SMEs.

Acceleration Programs for SMEs and Startups

A specific focus will be given to curated immersion and acceleration programs for tech startups raising VC funding and SMEs accelerating their digital transformation and international expansion.

Startups and SMEs will follow 2 separate acceleration tracks, each lasting 1-2 weeks, ending with a Demo Day with US investors, corporate partners and local startups.

Every quarter will be dedicated to a different technology / vertical.

SMEs Traction

4-Week Program / 1 in SF

The SMEs Traction targets Italian small-medium businesses interested to launch international expansion and innovation programs in the US.
Companies from high-tech industries or competing in markets with accelerating speed of new technology adoption will benefit from joining our programs.

Startup Acceleration

5-week Program / 2 in SF

The Startup Acceleration program targets scaleups with proven market validation and established revenue streams, supporting their international growth, US market access and fund-raising objectives.

Startup Bootcamp

5-week Program / 2 in SF

The Startup Bootcamp is a full-immersion program designed for seed and pre-seed stage startups. The bootcamp helps founders with the identification of right product-market fit and to build a team with solid entrepreneurial culture.


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Corporate programs

Our corporate programs are designed to serve as a strategic toolbox for corporate clients. Through access to tailored services, we bridge the gap between businesses and their technological aspirations. Whether it’s detailed foresight reports on emerging technology trends, or scouting for groundbreaking startups with potential for partnership or investment, INNOVIT ensures a personalized approach that aligns with your corporate goals.

Research Centers and Academia

Our programs for Higher Education and Research Institutions are conceived to support their entrepreneurial mission (third mission). INNOVIT provides a tailored service package to strengthen their operational capacity and networking with US stakeholders for developing joint research projects and bringing them to the market, for instilling and nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset among their students and would-be-entrepreneurs communities and for anticipating strategic and organizational changes arising from the digital transformation.

Membership programs

At INNOVIT, we understand that flexibility is key. Our membership program offers access to a vast, adaptable space designed to cater to a multitude of needs. From corporate clients looking for a productive environment for their teams, to startups in search of a creative hub, we provide on-demand access to meeting rooms and event spaces. This is more than a workspace; it’s a dynamic community where ideas thrive.

Demo Center

Our Demo Center is an embodiment of modern display technology. Created with a focus on interactivity and digital innovation, it offers Italian companies a unique platform to showcase their products, services, or brand. Whether it’s during special events or for a specific period, the Demo Center serves as a dynamic stage for businesses to connect with their audience in a captivating way.

Outposts & coworking spaces

INNOVIT’s outposts and coworking spaces are designed to foster innovation and collaboration. These spaces serve as your base in the heart of San Francisco, providing access to a dynamic community of innovators, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders. We offer flexible plans that cater to different needs, whether you’re a solo entrepreneur looking for a desk, or a growing startup in need of a private office. Our coworking spaces are more than just places to work—they’re communities where you can connect, learn, and grow.