Inspiring Spaces for Innovative Minds

Located in downtown San Francisco at 710 Sansome Street, between the Financial District and the iconic area of North Beach, INNOVIT provides a 11.200 sq. ft. (1.000m2) rented area of offices, meeting rooms and a large event space. It truly is a space where old San Francisco industrial architecture meets Italian style and design.


The space is designed to be a modern classic with a touch of Made in Italy. One floor is dedicated to the working area – coworking spaces, meeting rooms, networking areas and facilities – while another floor is dedicated to the event space – conferences, concerts, pitching competitions, trade shows, and more. It all makes INNOVIT one of the best locations to work and network in Silicon Valley.

Reception Lounge

Welcome to our inviting oasis, a space designed with your comfort in mind. Our reception lounge features a warm and friendly entrance, dedicated reception desks, and a cozy area perfect for relaxation and engaging conversations. Immerse yourself in our library, a treasure trove of curated knowledge.

Events Area

Our dynamic events area is more than just a space – it’s a vibrant hub designed to foster connections and celebrate the spirit of ‘Made in Italy’ innovation and culture. Here, ideas come to life, and connections are made.

Coworking Area

Our coworking area is a hive of creativity and innovation. This expansive open space is dedicated to nurturing startups and ambitious entrepreneurs, providing a gateway to the global tech ecosystem. Here, you can connect, collaborate, and create.

Meeting Rooms

Our meeting rooms are more than just workspaces. They are strategic networking hubs designed to elevate your vision and ideas. In these rooms, you can brainstorm, strategize, and bring your vision to the next level.

Corporate Offices

Our corporate offices are your home away from home. These fully furnished, private offices are available for rent, offering a professional and comfortable environment for your business needs. Here, you can work, innovate, and grow.


Do you want to unlock the power of innovation and lead your enterprise to new goals? Reach out to us today and explore our tailor made services. Discover how INNOVIT can fuel your growth and open doors to great opportunities. Engage with us today and step into the future of innovation!