#Biotech Accelerator Program – Virtual Fireside Chat

Join us on April 15 for a virtual panel in collaboration with Assobiotec to explore the opportunities that await Italian #BioTech startups with Innovit’s LifeSciences accelerator program.

  • Pierluigi Paracchi, Consiglio di Presidenza Assobiotec e CEO Genenta Science
  • Massimo Carnelos, Consigliere Ambasciata, Capo Ufficio Innovazione Tecnologica e Startup, Direzione Generale per il Sistema Paese, Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale
  • Alessandra Rainaldi, Direttore ITA Los Angeles
  • Paola Torre, Head of Life Sciences Programs, INNOVIT
  • Jacopo Naidi, Program manager, INNOVIT

Learn how our program, which will run from June 3-14, 2024 in Silicon Valley, focuses on fostering scientific and technological innovation in therapies and platforms. This is your chance to be part of a select group of startups that are experiencing a unique growth path in the heart of the BayArea BioTech ecosystem.

Learn about the collaboration in identifying companies aligned with Innovit and BioInItaly Assobiotec calls, the path of collaboration with Innovit and Assobiotec aimed at enhancing life sciences #research and #development, and the benefits available to our members and affiliates.