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Get your project off the ground in San Francisco

INNOVIT is committed to sparking ideas and championing the most promising Italian innovative entrepreneurial ventures. We catalyze cross-border innovation projects and expedite the global growth of Italian entities through a steadfast presence in the world’s tech hub. With CALL 4 INNOVIT, we curate programs specifically for Italian startups and SMEs, designed to stimulate growth and intensify engagement with Silicon Valley’s innovation stakeholders.

The Program

Our programs are strategically divided into three phases: an initial remote phase, a hands-on phase involving participation from Italian startup and SME teams in activities at INNOVIT and key innovation hubs, and a follow-up phase aimed at solidifying the experiences and relationships cultivated during their San Francisco tenure.

Phase 1


From the pool of applicants, 40 startups and 25 SMEs are selected to participate in online activities that include orientation, needs analysis, mentorship, and tutoring. Upon completion of this phase, 20 startups, 15 scale-ups, and 15 SMEs advance to Phase 2, preparing to journey to San Francisco to participate in the acceleration batch at INNOVIT.

Mode: Online
Duration: 2 Weeks

Phase 2


The selected 20 startups, 15 scale-ups, and 15 SMEs partake in the acceleration batch in Silicon Valley. The program encompasses institutional appointments, workshops, mentoring sessions, and networking opportunities with startups, big tech companies, venture capitalists, and experts. The agenda is enriched with visits to tech company headquarters, participation in events, and a Demo Day.

Mode: In-person at INNOVIT in San Francisco

Duration: 1 week for SMEs / 2 weeks for Startups and Scaleups

Phase 3


Upon completion of the program, the startups and SMEs are guided through the process of consolidating the relationships and activities initiated in Silicon Valley during Phase 2. Optional online advising services are available to further strengthen the project and the results achieved through CALL 4 INNOVIT.

Mode: Online
Duration: 2 Weeks

An invaluable growth journey

01. Experience the Extraordinary

Startup and SME teams are at the forefront of a unique life and work experience, situated in the heart of Silicon Valley, interacting with mentors, experts, and key players in innovation.

02. Refine Strategies

Engaging with influential mentors and representatives from big tech companies can guide strategic decisions and the development of entrepreneurial projects.

03. Accelerate Growth

Startups and SMEs can boost their international competitiveness and scaling processes by learning innovative content and methodologies.

04. Engage with Investors and Corporations

Teams have the opportunity to participate in structured networking events, meeting international investors and potential strategic and commercial partners.

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