Game Developer Conference – March 22 nd, 2022




INNOV.IT opened the first collateral event dedicated to the Italian GAME industry in San Francisco for the Game Developer Conference – GDC 2022. A delegation of 20 developers coordinated by ITA – Los Angeles and the IIDEA Association took part in the event.

The Italian game industry is a boutique industry with a strong export-oriented vocation. Internationally recognized in the top ten, in recent years it has grown by 45% in the number of studios and developers.

The event was moderated by Alberto Acito, ITA Foreign Investment Desk and saw the participation of John Riccitiello, CEO of Unity Technologies, the Italian Consul General in San Francisco, Sergio Strozzi, the Italian Trade Commissioner in Los Angeles, Alessandra Rainaldi, and the Director of the IIDEA Association, Thalita Malago, who provided an extended overview of the Italian game industry.

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