ENI visits INNOV.IT – April 27th, 2022




Following up the successful launch of ENI’s Innovation Outpost in San Francisco, INNOV.IT hosted a networking event with ENI’s management. The leading energy company in Italy presented its innovation strategy and the activities of their recently opened Innovation Antenna in Silicon Valley.

Welcome remarks by Consul General Sergio Strozzi

ENI’s representatives:

Giacomo Silvestri – Head of Digital

Paolo Cerioli – Head of Open Innovation & Digital for Natural Resource and Energy Evolution

Salvatore Bonaccorso – Silicon Valley Innovation Hub Manager

Giovanni Salvini – Head of Plant Operations and Maintenance

Massimo Dicembre – Head of Mechanical Plant Inspection

Marco Montini – Head of Flow Assurance

Luigi Sasanelli – Head of Electrical Maintenance

Silvia Taddei – Head of Production Engineering

Marco Basile – Head of Technologies Promotion for Energy Efficiency

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