The Project

A place for Italian innovation and culture to shine.  
INNOV.IT is a technological outpost in Silicon Valley  home to the world’s largest high-tech community. A strategic Hub for the promotion of the Italian economic, scientific, and cultural ecosystem in the United States. It is a place that inspires innovative entrepreneurial ideas and cross-cultural initiatives and serves as an accelerator for their international development. INNOV.IT’s goal is to create a powerful partnership between the American and Italian economic and cultural ecosystems, and ensure these Italian communities have a long-lasting presence in Silicon Valley.

INNOV.IT is strategic project promoted by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation under the proposal of the Embassy of Italy in Washington and in collaboration with the Italian Consulate General in San Francisco and it is implemented thanks to the involvement of the ITA – Italian Trade Agency and the IIC – Italian Cultural Institute San Francisco.

Our Mission

To support the development of a culture of innovation within the Italian technology ecosystem, providing connections, content, and inspiration to Italian stakeholders such as startups, accelerators, incubators, universities, research centers, public agencies, investors, mentors, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

To learn from the best practices of Silicon Valley, and the world, and infuse that knowledge within the Italian tech community.

To connect Italy with the world’s innovation hotspots, in order to create opportunities for networking and international development of the Italian tech community resulting in new job opportunities, sustainable growth and cultural enrichment.

Our Governance

INNOV.IT is empowered by a Steering Committee and an Advisory Board. The Steering Committee was established in Italy at the Ministry of Foreign Affair and International Cooperation and includes representatives from other ministries and the government. It has the task of defining the Hub’s medium and long-term strategic guidelines, supervising its activities, and evaluating results. The Advisory Board includes leading experts from US based tech companies, universities, and venture capital. The Board supports the Steering Committee in defining the Hub’s strategic guidelines; provides advice and support for the implementation of those guidelines and achieving their strategic objectives; they also work to integrate the Hub into the Silicon Valley community.